Behold, for your consideration, proof god loves us… the tulip! Shout out to the little brother on this one, but come on, who does not like tulips, WHO!? Is there absolutely anything about this flower not to like? In 17th century Holland, a prized one of these could be exchanged for a house. Now I know the Dutch are a little bugged out, but can we really doubt their taste in flowers, after all they are high all the time, they know about these things. When I buy flowers, either I buy tulips, or I wish I had bought tulips. The tulip is a little sexy, it is a little sweet, it is youthful, yet mature enough to have a bit of formality. Think pre-addiction Lindsay Lohan. The rose is okay for a while, but they get cruddy fast. Daisies are just plain cheap. Irises are for communists. Lets be real. It is all about the tulip. Further, incontrovertible proof that god loves us.


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