Cookie Dough

Behold, for your consideration, proof god loves us…. chocolate chip cookie dough. This thing has raw eggs in it, RAW EGGS, and we eat it like if it was manna. Wherever you put this thing it is great. Ice cream, chocolate, directly into your mouth while walking around the supermarket… whether raw, cooked; name it, cookie dough delivers. Every time. Take a taste, detect the sweetness of the batter, followed by the mild bitterness of the chocolate and crowned by just a wee bit of salt. When Chocolate Chip cookies are being made I eye them like the last Coca Cola in the desert. Once the cookies are put on the baking sheet…..attack. This is a rare treat. Go for yours. I would box out a paraplegic to get first dibs on some cookie dough. And yes, I will admit, the occasional purchase of a roll of pre-made cookie dough that will never see the light of an oven. It is horrible for you, but we can only prove that we have one life (I think). Embrace Cookie Dough’s role in it.


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