Sea Lions

Behold, for your consideration, proof that gold loves us…. the Sea Lion. Who the hell does not like Sea Lions? Okay, some bite size fish might not, but they were probably already dead by the time they met the wondrous waddlers. Whether in San Francisco, the New York Aquarium, Chile or South Africa, Sea Lions bring international delight. I have never watched Sea Lions with other people, and had folks say “…you know, they alright, but I would prefer to be watching reruns of Saved by the Bell” No!… when sea lions show up, we clap, and listen to them bark, and applaud their waddle, and watch in awe. They dont do much, they can only move underwater, but damn it, they are a beloved mammal. Thank you lord, for creating the sea lion. You really do love us.


4 Responses to “Sea Lions”

  1. raymondy ciceron Says:

    hi they look beatiful because they black me i love them

  2. sealionslayer Says:

    Those damn things are the spawn of Satan. Kill em all. They are destroying California oceans. Get a clue about how many of those things are out there. Yeah they’re cute when they’re dead just like you stupid misguided enviros!!!

  3. shereese Says:

    i love sea lions i think they are so cute

  4. John Parad Says:

    Seriously? Is this blog a joke or is this for REAL?

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